Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Siege of Pabna

In our campaign of the Lost Continent: High Adventure, the Russians are one of the Colonial Powers involved in India. After enslaving an entire town belonging to one of the Princes, and following another attack upon a Sikh holy city (bad choice that!), a Confederation has been formed to drive out the invaders. The Russian colonial capital is about to besieged by a massive force from five different states.

The city of Pabna from the west:

...and from the east (the blocks of buildings represent the slum districts of Pabna which I was preparing the night before when I ran out of paint! Finished blocks can be seen at upper portion of photo):

...and from the south (which includes the unfinished walls):

On the outskirts of the city are two Hindu temples (compliments of Petsmart!):

The defending garrison, including 46 Russian soldiers and assorted other official types:

You may notice two Golov guns, two Ruga Ruga and a 9lb smoothbore cannon manned by Egyptians (both on loan from the friendly Khedive):

A portion of the avenging Indian armies:

The 'festivities' will commence tomorrow morning and will provide the story.

There were five Princely states ranged against the Russian garrison. The last to join were the Sikh who saw their holy city attacked earlier by a Russian force although the inhabitants were able to escape. In our game some 650 Indians were to attack the approximately 55 Russians! It began with a three day bombardment which leveled several sections of the walls and bastions. (you will notice I used a new product offered at Michael's called 'Kenetic Sand' for the breaches...I recommend it) On the fourth day the assault begins!

The view of the southwest perimeter at the end of turn 3 shows the Sikh who have already seen one element of 30 men fail their morale while a second close to the unfinished wall has taken severe casaulties. The regular Khalsa (army) has moved up in support while their ally, the Gurkha, are attacking further to the right:

Along further to the right (above) in the southwest sector the Prince of Lahore was sending his army into the breach. (on the right corner of the wall is the rubble of a destroyed bastion)But there were Russians hiding in those buildings who would inflict severe losses on the Prince and his men!

Here in the east, Agra's forces are pushing towards the gate. A Russian Gorlov gun has been dropping large numbers of the attackers! Their large force of Ghazis are sheltering now in the lee of the wall, but there were 30 who originally started the assault but being those pesky fanatics, they have survived three morale checks!

In the northwest sector the men from Ramagar are meeting with only light resistance offered by the second Russian Gorlov and the Egyptian 9lb smoothbore. The green and blue caps represent further troops that we will pull from the casualites as I was about 100 figures short) On the far right is an element of Hindu religious fanatics that I just received from Indus Miniatures in time for this fight:

With heavy fire brought to bear by the element behind the destroyed section of wall, the Russian Gorlov crew suffers 67% casualties!

By turn 5, Agra's Ghazis have poured into Pabna and just destpatched two Russians who were attempting to fall back from the wall. The Golov will, unfortunately for the men from Agra, pivot around and blast the Ghazi crowded below!

Back in the northwest sector, the Indians are pouring into the city to be met by the four Egyptians and their two Ruga Ruga guards (center of photo), provided by the Sultan of Zanzibar (part of our story) The brief fight will be over in two turns as the defenders were overwhelmed:

More Ramagar forces are pouring into the E section of Pabna and overrunning the handful of Russians trying to resist. A devastating volley from the Indians at the lower photo, have just dropped 4 of 5 Russians baring the street. (The two Hindu fanatics seen on the roof are actually inside the building charging against the Russians seen at bottom of photo):

The last fanatic goes down before the Russian bayonets, but they too are overwhelmed:

By turn 6, the forces of Lahore (SE sector) after suffering heavy casulaties and the breaking of two out of four elements, are struggling in the narrow streets of the slum district:

The view from the N by turn 7, with hordes of men from Ramagar reaching the center square. Another group has moved to recover the Golov gun after the final crewman was despatched:

A view from the east down the main street. The men seen on the roof of the building in center are pouring fire down on 3 Russians in the courtyard below:

The view of that same courtyard with only 2 Russians left standing and no where to go!

The final 10 Russian soldiers are grouped at the western end of Pabna where they have successfully driven off the forces of both Lahore and Agra. But more Indians are charging them!

The first wave is actually broken although more Russians go down as well. One element remaining to drive off, can they hold? (or so hoped the Russians):

A view of the destruction: 

Sadly for the Russians, another force drives against them (another 75 men!) and sensing the end, 3 Russian Monks and 3 Specialists (Engineer, Doctor and Geologist) run out of their cover (in the Mosque!) and go down in the final spate of violence. The Princes have their revenge!

The game which took approximately 6.5 hours to complete, was enjoyed by six players involved. The Russian player hoping right to the bitter end that he would hold out but the numbers were just too great. The Princes losses were 'acceptable': 61 lightly wounded, 66 moderate/serious wounded, and 57 dead. Ramagar is now a proud owner of a Golov (the second was destroyed by Agra artillery fire) and a 9lb smoothbore. It will be seen if the Confederation can remain united after this fight. The Campaign goes on! May you make all those critical rolls!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Natives Part III Chinese through Indians

Only a small portion of the Chinese forces waiting for the coming of the Colonialists:

Another cultures waiting to be 'discovered", Dahomey. First some male fighters:

And the infamous female warriors:

Another small sample of a large force, the Dervish:

including some of Kipling's 'Fuzzy Wuzzies":

Of course you need some Egyptian and Sudanese to resist them:

A few of the fearsome Gurkha:

Because of the development in our club's campaign, of a united Cionfederation being raised against the invaders, the Inidan contingent has become my largest. It ranges from the Thuggee types (if you've seen the classic film 'Gunga Din', you'll recognize the man in front of Kali's shrine):

to numerous different warriors:

and the Leader types:

to non-combatants:

Now just added today are the newly arrived Hindu religious fighters (the temple just discovered at Petsmart!):

Will continue the Indians at a later time. Until then, may you make all those critical rolls!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Attack on Birtarin

During our latest round in the Lost Continent, the Portuguese had three men who had just come to the Abyssinian frontier town of Birtarin. The young Ras, Iskinder Tefere (the seed of Alexander)  had just informed his guests that the "Black Men" had sacked his home (Birtarin) some 6 months earlier and had murdered his father. They had carried off numerous citizens presumably into slavery, for which they were infamous. Islander had convinced the Lion of Judah (Abyssinian Emperor) to send at least a few men of his regular forces to help defend Birtarin. And now the warning horn has been sounded...there are riders coming from the west and the desert...the "Black Men"!

The view from the west towards Birtarin following the first turn. The initial wave of raiders have just about reached the wall (all were mounted but I have 16 at this point, so the remaining 34 raiders are 'on foot':

The defending Abyssinians (23) are positioned at various locations in order to protect the villagers who have taken refuge in the church in the upper center. The Emperor's regulars were stationed in the two buildings flanking the front gate. The Ras with his personal bodyguard are seen in his large house left of center:

Ras Iskander Tafere; his bodygurards to the left:

The Portuguese explorer (bottom left) and his two men (right of center):

Several of the "Black Men" (yes, you may recognize the raiders as Taureg), have climbed over the wall   and engage a few of the regulars attempting to fall back to the church:

Meanwhile on the same turn, several Taureg have climbed on to the roof where their first shots would have wounded the Ras himself except one of his bodyguards took the bullet. Others try to force the blockade at the gate to the right:

On the following turn, the four Taureg who initially entered the town are all shot down although the Portuese themselves rolled terribly and inflicted no casualties. However the regulars failed their morale check and soon retreated to the Ras' house:

One intrepid Taureg ran down to behind the Abyssinians defending the barricade (where they dropped the first two Taureg attempting to enter) and quickly 'killed' both in melee:

Now the seccond Taureg element has moved up to the northern portion of the wall and is climbing over:

Another turn sees Taureg reach the steps of the Ras' house itself where the Ras has successfully rallied his regulars:

The second group of Taureg who vaulted over the wall near the western gaate are no more lucky then their earlier compatriots and two are already down while the others are shaken. They did however succeed in dropping the Portuguese explorer (can just make out his base on the roof at upper left):

Back on the northern wall, the Taureg have dispatched two Abyssinians trying to hold thier barricade and are moving on the next position:

The critical moment arrives as the first Taureg element saw it's morale break after passing three earlier checks. 50% was too much, and they are trying to escape. On the northern sector two Taureg reach the roof where they are engaged in melee... and both are cut down by the desperate Abyssinians! The morale of the second element also breaks!

The Taureg making their escape (although they will take a few more casualties from Abyssinian fire:

The Ras' men hold the town and capture several of the raiders. He has only one thing in mind...revenge for his father and to all but one he takes his sword and...One prisoner is despatched back to his people minus various body parts (it is a violent world!) Birtarin has held! The Taureg lost some 28 'killed' while the Abyssinians suffered 2 KIA and 10 WIA. The Portuguese explorer was seriously wounded, but The Ras now calls the Portuguese his friends!

All in all a nice little fight that took about two hours. One man with four hourses rode desperately toward the capital to inform the Lion of Judah the emergency! Stay turned, it could be interesting!