Monday, December 19, 2016

Epic Space Marines

One of my first game in the Epic 30k universe. I played Marines against a rampaging Oak army.

Orgs are charging inform the top while some Marines have already occupied a large building (lower left)
Emperor's Children have some Rhinos facing off Ork battlewagons on hill
this actually is another struggle, with Orks and Heretic Marines up against an army of Squats
Interesting collection of Titans here. From l-r: A MegaGargant, Slasher Gargant, Warlord, and not least, an Imperator at bottom!

Warmaster Horus

I have dug up some very old figs I purchased way back in 1991. Never gamed Epic Space Marine, but then a friend turn me on to the Black Library and now I'm hooked. Getting into the mood so to speak, I painted up Horus in 28mm.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Convention Games

For my friends who have supported me over the years at TactiCon and Genghiscon, I'm sorry that I couldn't attend in the last year. I'm happy to announce that I'm putting two games on at the new B-Con this Oct 22 and 23. It's being held at the Timbers Convention Center located at I70 and Peoria. Saturday I'm bringing my new Viking Village complete with massive Jarl's Hall 10-1. Sunday will see the Peking/Forbidden City, 1925, running 10-2. You can view photos of both on this blog site. Hope to see you all again next month!
Temple of Heaven on right with Forbidden City at top

Now located at the western gate into the Forbidden City
Back to the area south of the Meridian Gate (to right)
Meridian Gate from the east
Hall of Supreme Harmony on right-center (throne room)

Now up, is the Viking Jarl's village about to be attacked
some of the attackers arrive up the fjord by longship
Other marauding Norsemen arrived by mountain passes
Defenders now beginning to rally their forces.  Jarl's Hall to right
The Jarl moves to confront the sea raiders first
The Jarl's forces barely destroy the attackers on the waterfront, but now too weak to drive off the others
A special thanks to my Norsemen (and Shield Maiden) for a great game

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Battle of Oran

Building upon the struggle that had been raging for quite some time between Spain, Portugal and the ruler of Oran, the final stage was played out on my basement table jokingly referred to as the
'War Room". The first view is off the harbor district with the Bey of Oran and his forces located to the left. The Portuguese will be attacking from the wall in the background, while the Spanish have to find a way to cross the river emptying into the harbor.
The Spanish place their fire support troops along the waterfront to cover their attack as some of their men try to utilize the native fishing vessels. (you can just make out this at the 2nd boat from bottom) 
The Portuguese make the first major move, pouring out of the houses they already occupied inside the wall. At the University (center), resistance is spirited, and the first casualties are suffered. Then a major militia force ambushes the Portuguese at the end of the street (bottom) and numerous Portuguese go down (can see two such figures down near bottom
Meanwhile, in the northeast sector, the main Portuguese unites approach and enter the courtyard of the Great Mosque...and there is no apparent opposition
After surviving the ambush mentioned earlier, the Portuguese fight through heavy resistance into the University grounds, where they destroyed all opposition
Back in the great square near the Mosque, heavy fire is taken from the Palace and homes to the west. Casualties mount quickly
As the Portuguese reach the enemy posts to their front, a large force of fanatical militia pour from the Great Mosque and take the Portuguese in the rear! The Portuguese commander is not amused!
Fortunately for the Europeans, the Spanish finally (after suffering significant casualties as they crossed the river) add their numbers to the fight and begin to break the Arab resistance. The first men are seen in center of photo:
Interestingly as men attempt to flee the Palace (seen to left of palms)as fires set by the Spanish and Portuguese begin to rage out of control, others try to escape (?) by pushing into the Palace! (as seen at bottom)
One lone brave (but foolish) Arab gunner stands by his piece, firing one last round into the advancing Portuguese pushing out of the now cleared University (seen above) Note the Spanish casualties on the boat bridge...that was the result of one incredibly accurate Arab volley from the Palace (as the fire rages)
Back at the Harbor basin, more Spanish have now pushed across the river and are in the process of eliminating the opposition (You have to excuse the British Sailors filling in for Spanish...was a little thin on the ground for this massive fight!) You may notice an official Turkish contingent sent by the Sultan himself in the building rooftop by the ship they were attempting to escape on
As more Allied soldiers arrive near the Palace, the Janissary Guard prepare for a last stand. That is a lone militiaman standing in front of the Janissaries...he will not survive)
The Turkish officer, witnessing the death of the Turkish ambassador on his ship, realizes it is hopeless, and orders a surrender. The Bey and his family are executed on orders of the Portuguese commander in return for nearly a year of struggle, treachery and death. Oran has fallen! It was one of the grandest fights the group held in our 21/2 year colonial campaign!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Shanghai Information

To be used for our Shanghai Adventure:



Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Spanish are attacked in Oran

After gaining possession of one of the gates (to the left out of the picture) leading to the interior of Oran, an attack is launched to throw the Spanish out. It meets with a bloody repulse!
Note the presence of a Turkish flag in the courtyard of the house located right of center. It turns out there is a delegation from the Sultan present in the city! That will be played out in the next chapter!

A little conflict at Beni Walid

The Portuguese had been having troubles with various Arab towns staging attacks on their possessions and allies. The small desert village of Beni Walid finally saw they were being taken advantage by the ruler of Oran and his allies, and now have sworn allegiance to the Portuguese. The Sheikh of the nearby town of Remeda has sent a raid to persuade the people of Beni Walid of the errors of their ways! The men of Remeda (in white) are about to force Beni Walid to accept their argument!
Shots are fired, and the elderly headman of Beni Walid is gunned down.
But with the assistance of two Portuguese adventurers who have just arrived, the men of the village quickly gain the upper hand
It was a brief, costly engagement, with the eldest son of the slain headmen and a handful of his men surviving. But vengeance is soon to be unleashed upon Remeda. To be continued!