Saturday, May 24, 2014

Japanese versus the Moro

In our continual saga of the Lost Continent, we find the Japanese having colonized the city of Tamil on an island also inhabited by the Moro. In an earlier confrontation, a Japanese landing force was driven back to their ships by overwhelming Moros. Now, several weeks later, the Moro sultan has launched his men against the depised Hindu of Tamil, and their Japanese supporters.

The young Japanese Lt in command has decided to place 13 of his 25 man garrison along the edge of Tamil. Backing them up are the remainder of the Japanese stationed on rooftops. The battle begins with the Moro charging into deadly rifle fire which will actually break the lead element before it even makes contact!

The Moro continue their attack, bringing up two additional elements (totally some 60 odd warriors and five riflemen of the Sultan's personl guard. The first melee takes place as the Japanese suffer their intial casualties:

One Japanese (obviously a descendant of the samurai!) shoots down one charging Moro then finishes off two more in melee!

A second Moro element breaks! One remaining pushes on, destroying the Japanese along Tamil's edge. Some of the Moro climb onto the roof to engage the Lt in melee. He and his bugler will fight for their lives:

The brave Lt is seriously wounded but his bugler drops two Moro...and they break! The city is saved...Banzai!

Japanese casualites were severe, with only five soldiers left standing unharmed. 5 were KIA, 15 moderate/serious WIA, and 6 lightly WIA. Moros paid the price in defeat with 23 total casualites out of the force of 98. The fight for this little island will continue!

Friday, May 23, 2014

The Belgians at Berhampur

Our campaign has seen the rise of an Indian Confederation led by the ruler of Sitapur. (see the Battle of Pabna). To the north of our fictional subcontinent is the land of the Afghans. They too have been motivated to throw out the invaders, and their leading prince, the Emir Dost Mohammed, as led a strong force against the Belgians located along the coast at the city of Berhampur. What follows is the AAR of that battle.

To begin with, this is finished project of an Afghan hill fort. It will be the Belgians stronghold that the Afghans must take for their victory:

A view of Berhampur from the south, with the fort seen in the upper right:

30 Belgians garrison this, their colonial capital. They have in addition, one Gatling gun with a two-man crew.  Earlier in our campaign, a small Belgian force of nine men was overwhelmed by the Afghans who did not remain after their victory. Now the entire Belgian colonial force would fight desperately to hold on to their city as well as their 'lives'.

The Emir began shelling the main gate just before sunset as the Belgians manned one bastion (upper left of above photo) with 4 brave men. The remainder were housed in the newly restored fort. After the gate was blown in , and under the cover of darkness, the army of the Emir entered the town and awaited dawn for their attack.

Two Afghan elements rushed the fort with scaling ladders (note the Gatling gun in tower at left. It would drop five tribesmen with it's first burst!):

A third element moved against the isolated Belgians in the bastion (located just off picture above,  to the upper right) . In round two, an Afghan volley dropped three of the Belgians while their charge into melee finished with the last. One lone tribesmen was brought down, a great start for the Afghans!

The Belgians manning the forts wall however poured deadly fire onto the attackers and by round three both elements had been broken:

But unfortunately for the Belgians, the Emir was not yet done with them. Two further elements of tribesmen poured out with their ladders while a 9lber smashed at the main gate (which would miraculously hold for three additional rounds before it was finally shattered!) Afghans by the start of round 7 were pouring over the walls and through the gateway. It looked dire for the defenders:

A brave Belgian lit the fuse leading to the powder storage room (in tower at bottom center) and it detonated, blowing him up along with six tribesmen, the the second wave of Afghans beat another retreat!

Yet again, the Emir sent his men forward and their numbers now began to overwhelm the stout desperate Belgians. In the tower to the left, a Belgian manning the Gatling missed three out of four tries when he rolled those miserable 1s. He was soon depatched in melee combat by two Afghans. Three Belgians remained:

...and then there was one final man surrounded on all sides, with no thought of surrender! (not to those tribesmen!):


The Afghans had taken the city. The Beligians had been wiped out, although 10 wounded were taken prisoners, not something they would look forward to. Afghan losses amounted to 14 KIA, 8 moderate/serious WIA, and 11 lightly WIA. The Emir was pleased. The first step in ridding his lands of the infidel had been taken!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Middle East (and perhaps beyond?) Buildings

Just finished painting up some beautiful models I received from Kobblestone Miniatures. They are fantastic. They come unpainted in resin; if you're looking for some examples of more complex urban buildings rather than the usual mud brick, check these out:

The facades (front and back) come away from the building core, giving you numerous options for different buildings. Gates and doors can come loose as well. I've come some pots inside the shop on right that can be removed also.

The Mosque is an incredible model (although I could shoot myself. If you notice the lean of the central  tower: it got to warm in the sun after I basecoated it in black!)

The four facades come away in this model as well but they aonly fit to one spot. The only model to do this.

The friendly people at Kobblestone have numerous ranges including European and Celtic, but I've only purchased the Middle East. Technically, these are listed as modern, but leave off the propane tanks, airconditioning units and light fixtures and away you go!