Saturday, November 1, 2014

Second Coming of the "Taiping"

This was the entrance to the underground complex in Episode Eight: “Into the Lair”. It is a copy of a Buddhist Cliff Temple called Lianlongshan. It doubled for the HQ of one ‘mastermind/madman’ who believed that he was the reincarnated Yang Jiuquing of the Taiping movement of the 19th Century! The main entrance into the underground complex is in center. Secondary shrine on left:
As Blackpool’s ‘Company’ moved against the complex, the sentry was unaware of his pending doom:
Deep inside the mountain, ‘Yang’ (that's him in the 'bowl') addresses his followers, not realizing that events are about to burst upon them. As 'Yang' whips up his supporters, his mad scientist (got to have one of those, right?) henchman and 'messenger of death', attend to his words:
One of ‘Yang’s’ priest-generals gets into the moment.

A guard of one of the sect’s prisoners, takes a moment off, just before he is’ taken out’.
Outside his heavily protected laboratory, the scientist poses with one of his creations, the ‘Fire Dragons’. In the story, prisoners have a gas mask surgically attached to their face (ouch!) with a mind-controlling gas circulating within it. This provides the Taiping sect, control of soldiers who have no fear and do not even know immediately when they are dead. They gave "The Company" all sorts of problems in this Episode
Another of the “Fire-Dragons’ on the left, with an upper-level Taiping on the right, and a novitiate with the torch
During the Episode, "The Company" thought they destroyed the nest, but the leaders escaped, promising a return! I will get more photos this time. Next up: Fengdu, the "City of the Dead"!