Monday, November 30, 2015

The Viking village

After nearly two months of work, the village is complete! (of course I may always think of something else):


The rear of the Jarl's Hall, overlooking his village:

View of the mountain cliff:

Final view for now (more to follow) of the waterfall:

Monday, September 28, 2015

Builing a Norsemen Hut

Thought I'd try something else different. For those who like to create their own terrain features, the following shows the simple process of constructing the most basic Norse A-Frame!
So we'll start with a previously finished model:
First step, using common form-board (purchased at Hobby Lobby (the US Craft store), prepare your outer shell and glue together. I use small dress pins to hold in place. You can chose whatever dimensions you want. I settled on 4"x5 1/2". The top portion of the roof is attached temporarily as I prefer my roof sections to be removed so the interior can be utilized in my games:
Next I take two balsa pieces of differing widths (for variety) and begin to measure, cut, then apply with Elmer's glue to front side of the dwelling. I prefer the detail this adds despite the slightly extra time and effort to measure and cut each piece. Make sure your first strip is aligned correectly or it will throw off your whole wall:
When you reach the removeable protion of the roof, be sure not to add glue to the balsa where it overreaches the roof or you won't be able to remove. Don't worry about the small gaps as the large wooden trim beams will cover (you will see this shortly):
After only approximately 10 minutes, we see the nearly completed front:
Now comes a little detailing. Choosing a slightly larger balsa, I cut and frame the front:
Making sure the top edge of the frame lines up with the roof, I complete the second side, doorway and additional framing:
Then quickly repeat with the rear wall (sans the door frame):
Now I'll return to the roof, prior to thatching. The top protion (removable) contains self adhesive form board which I have came to conclude is not necessary):
For the thaching, I rely on Plush Felt, (again from Hobby Lobby where I can use the 40% off coupon to get this 18"x22 1/2" piece for $6):
Removing the top roof portion, I start with the lower portion; measuring and cutting the appropriate pieces:
Almost forgot! I spray paint the building a dark brown as a base, then add the thatch to the lower portions:
Finally, I move to the top portion. When measuring don't forget to add a little extra to overhand and cover seams:
Dry brush with a lighter shade/shades. Replace the roof and you have an A-frame in about an hour or so!
You can see the large Jarl Hall and other structures I've been able to put together over the last week elsewhere on my blog. I plan on holding several Saga Adventures including one based on the Eaters of the Dead/"13th Warrior" so hopefully will have further photos as the project moves along!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Using SagaFirst

Here is the completed exterior of the Jarl Hall, along with my Vikings ready for Saga action. If you have not tried the Saga Rules for Dark Age Skirmishing, I highly recommend!

These are my Viking Levy:

One of my two Viking Warrior Units:

And the second Warrior Band:

Two elements of Hearthguard:

Two more:

A final Hearthguard (l). What army can be without some beserkers? (r). (Note; the only non Foundry figure so far is the figure third from left who is from Gripping Beast)

And some Shield Maidens!

 Have optional Warlord stands:

And lastly (for now that is) a band of 'Eaters of the Dead" from Book of same or 13th Warrior Film:
(These cavemen are from Acheson Creations)
Here is the additonal structures and terrain boards (still a work in process):
Yet a little more detail going up:

Friday, September 18, 2015

The Jarl's Hall

And lastly, I've been playing a lot of Saga recently and enjoying in tremendously. Decided to construct a large scale hall to have further adventures. This is the unfinished project.  Just completed the hall and will add photos soon shortly:

Battle of Beni Haled

In the continual Colonial Campaign in the Unknown Continent, a Portuguese explorer assists a friendly Arbaic village drive off some unfriendlies form Remedi:

Those in white are the 'badies' and they didn't finish off the defenders in round one and two and now are being punished

And the Portuguese (left of center) have helped drive off the Jahdists. Unfortunaelty the elderly Headman was gunned down on Round Two. (That's him in grey, on the ground with a sword just below the Portuguese)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Crossing the Meuse, May 1940, Dinant Belgium

Broke out the terrain boards I used at Tacticon several years ago, with the intention of utilizing them again this Labor Day. If you are in the Denver, Colorado region, end of August, come on down and give it a whirl.
Looking westward past the village of Leffe (left center) towards the village of Bouvignes-sur-Meuse, from the quarry above the river valley
Staying with our westward view, we are now looking at the east end of the great Citadel looming above the city of Dinant (just visible to right and left of citadel). The River Meuse seen upper right
Swinging to the south, we now view Dinant itself on right with the blown road bridge in center. That's the Collegiate Cathedral to the right of debris. Scratch-built to match photos.

View to the east from the heights across the Meuse towards Dinant
Aslo from the west, looking over Bouvgnes-sur-Meuse with Leffe right of center, and Dinant upper right.
Final view is from the north, Bouvignes-sur-Meuse on right, Leffe left, and Dinant upper left. Look for the Belgium bunkers staioned along the west bank, especially the one nestled between the two buildings in Bouvignes.
If interested, you may what to check out the rest of this board by opening my posts on Houx, with the accompaning battle report. You can just make out the figures used in that report in the upper right of the above photo.
As was the case years ago when I initially took this to Tacticon, I expect some interesting engagements to be played out this year. Enjoy!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Battle of Houx, Part II

Now returned from Scotland, time to continue this battle:
Turn 13
The fight on the crest moves on as the French gain the iniative again. But their rolls for the turn are terrible. Only one KIA and a Pin. Artillery misses and so does the 2/1 who is down to three men. The Germans move 2 squads of the 3 Platoon up and gain 2 shaken. But the Germans are massing more troops!
With the French FO forced to move, his view of the vital Wier and Lock have been lost. Germans are moving their third Platoon across the Meuse.
Turn 14
Germans win iniative and move their 2/3 to the crest. They inflict x5 KIAs and a Shaken on the French! Return fire drops x3 KIA and a Pin. Germans end turn with 3/2 getting another KIA and Shaken. The French counterattack is faltering.
On the German right, the French FO brings down two 75mm shells on target, but they gain only x1 KIA. Overall not a good couple of rounds for the French
Turn 15
The French regain iniative, and their 2/2 advances to point blank range where they inflict x3 KIAs. However, the German 2/3 unleash a devastating fire on the French and drop x9 (out of 15 shots)!! French 2/1 and 2/2 both miss (down to one man each) and the FO loses contact! The French commander orders what remains of his forces located on the hill to dig in and wait for reinforcements!
Turn 16
Both sides used up some rounds to regroup, consolidate and call up reserves. Germans had four and the French 3 squads on the hill. It was now 1500 hours and the Germans won the init and advanced 2/3 who inflicted 2KIAs. French return fire gained 6 KIA a Shaken and 1 Pin! Further advance and fire form the Germans added 4 KIA and 2 Shaken. The French commander threw in his last reserves the 2/2 with Platoon replacements (right center), but they gained only 2 hits which resulted in another KIA.
The French also brought on the 1st Squad of the GRDI Group, holding the 2nd Squad along with it's 1 P16 AC to see what kind of resistance there was
Turn 17
The French regain initiative and activate 3/2 first to save two Shaken men (in the rules, a shaken taken into melee is instantly lost). Their fire is awlful however, resulting in a single Shaken. Two more squads will add 3 KIAs. The Germans fare little better with 1 more KIA. But then the MMG brought up the hill scores big and gets 3 KIAs (top of photo), missing only one in it's blast!
On the German left, the GRDI advances but the Germans hold their fire
Turn 18
Germans win init and 3/3 charges and mows down 3 KIA and an additional Shaken. French 1/1 from the second line supports with 4 KIA and a Shaken. German 2/3 sees one brave man rush the second line while the others fire. They get 1 each, KIA, Shaken and Pin. French 3/3 misses! German MMG misses but the platoon commander throws in the 1/1 who drop 2 KIA and 1 Pin. 
On the German right, theGRDI advance both squads. The HQ and P16 remain off board
Turn 19
Germans keep initiative and use it on the hilltop with 1/3 and 2/3 adding 2 more KIA and a Shaken and Pin. French return fire will drop only 2 Germans (but one is that brave or foolish trooper who charged the second line). The French Platoon commander (left center) is considering withdrawing to safer ground
The German 3/1 opens up on the advancing GRDI but only scores 1 Shaken and 2 Pinned. That convinces the French FO to adjust his 75mm fire and they score 2 KIAs and 2 Shakens including the German LMG on that flank.
Turn 19
French regain initiative and they get 2 KIA. But the German 1/3 advances and scores the fantastic hit on the French to basically end the fight. They score 8 KIA and wipe out the French 1/1 (notice those empty foxholes bottom center to top)! Now the hill is held by six French as their FO withdraws along with Platoon HQ.
The GRDI advances and misses with everything, so the P16 AC is called out and it does gain a KIA and a Shaken. 
That leads the German to activate his lone 37mm ATG which has been waiting all this time...'s first shot knocks out the French AC! German 81mm mortar opens up as well but fortuantely for the French it misses
Turn 21
Germans regain iniative and move 1/3 to the summit but all miss, several at point blank range! French return fire however only scores a Pin; those Frenchmen are obviously shaken. All German fire is brought to bear on the remaining French on the hill and 2 KIA and a Shaken result. The two remaining French on the summit throw in the towel. It's over!
As the GRDI withdraw, the German 81mm destroys a LMG team (upper center) and rifle fire drop another KIA. The French withdraw.
The Germans have their hold on the west bank of the Meuse River!
All in all a great fight. The French did reasonably well, but that round at the end broke their back. Oh well, vive la guerre! Hope you enjoyed.