Monday, June 27, 2016

Shanghai Information

To be used for our Shanghai Adventure:



Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Spanish are attacked in Oran

After gaining possession of one of the gates (to the left out of the picture) leading to the interior of Oran, an attack is launched to throw the Spanish out. It meets with a bloody repulse!
Note the presence of a Turkish flag in the courtyard of the house located right of center. It turns out there is a delegation from the Sultan present in the city! That will be played out in the next chapter!

A little conflict at Beni Walid

The Portuguese had been having troubles with various Arab towns staging attacks on their possessions and allies. The small desert village of Beni Walid finally saw they were being taken advantage by the ruler of Oran and his allies, and now have sworn allegiance to the Portuguese. The Sheikh of the nearby town of Remeda has sent a raid to persuade the people of Beni Walid of the errors of their ways! The men of Remeda (in white) are about to force Beni Walid to accept their argument!
Shots are fired, and the elderly headman of Beni Walid is gunned down.
But with the assistance of two Portuguese adventurers who have just arrived, the men of the village quickly gain the upper hand
It was a brief, costly engagement, with the eldest son of the slain headmen and a handful of his men surviving. But vengeance is soon to be unleashed upon Remeda. To be continued!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Black Hawk Down

Looking to recreate the conflict in Somalia?. You may want to see GameCraft Miniatures for this awesome structure to stand in for the Olympic Hotel. If you watched the movie, you will certainly recognize this model. It is huge!!

Japanese Embassy to the Viet Court in Hue

After losing their colony to the Moro, the Japanese player in our Colonial Adventure, went seeking another location. Settling along the border of what turned out to be SE Asia, he sent a small group to open contact with the Nguyen Dynasty at their capital of Hue
Unknown to the Japanese, a representative form the Middle Kingdom (China) has also arrived with an escort of the Black Flag. He is adamantly opposed to any outside contact for the Nguyen

The Japanese will be attacked by the Black Flag, despite the Nguyen promise of safe passage. (The Chinese ambassador is actually in command of the Black Flag(!) and wants the strangers destroyed. However the Japanese fight their way clear

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Forbidden city

I love building things if you hadn't noticed. One project which hasn't been gamed with yet (The Convention fell apart the year I prepared this) is this rendition of the Tartar and Forbidden City around 1900 to about 1925. Those 3d puzzles I mentioned earlier were purchased with this in mind, along with scratch-built walls and other provided by Curtey's.

We are looking past the main gate in the Tartar City Wall towards the main (Meridian gate) permitting entrance into the Forbidden City. to the right of center you may recognized the Temple of Heaven (blue roof) which is actually located further away in Peking, but the model was so gorgeous, I had to place it here
Looking over Hall of Supreme Harmony towards the Meridian Gate
The West Glorious Gate to the Forbidden City. Since I took the previous photo, I've since added the Gate of Supreme Harmony with the statues in front
Outside the Forbidden City I've been adding the various 3-d Puzzles mentioned earlier to make a very believable Tartar City
A Qin Military Parade
Officials overlooking the gate to the Tartar City
The Troops look so 'pretty', too bad they will fight so badly for the Qin
Even added a metal model of a Korean Turtle ship...not very historical...but it looked cool
As earlier stated, was hoping to unveil this at TactiCon 2015 but perhaps this year if they can get the Con off the ground

Thursday, June 16, 2016

TactiCon 2015

You may have seen photos taken of my Crossing of the Meuse, 1940 that I have posted on this blog earlier. The following is a series of photos taken TactiCon, held in Denver, Colorado in September of 2015. I recreated the area of Dinant Belgium and the land to the north at Houx, crossed by Erwin Rommel's 7Pz Division in May of 1940.

The first is looking west across the Meuse at Bouvignes. This is located just north of Dinant (off photo to left):
Next is a view taken over the Citadel at Dinant (which is to right of and on the other side)
Looking north along the Meuse and Dinant. The Cathedral I scratch-built to match photos
Now we have flipped the view and we are looking east back towards Dinant and the Citadel
Again, looking east from the French-held heights over Bouvignes with Dinant seen upper right
Wiht Dinant in the left background and Bouvignes in the right foreground, you can note the two blown bridges the French had dropped into the river just before Rommel's arrival
The remaining shots were all taken during the Convention with the various 'generals' pondering their next moves (with photographic assistance of course!). 

The French looking to bring up their reserves!

Look beyond the first table and you will just make out the second containing the Houx portion of the battlefield, where Germans crossed as early as May 13th! French plans believed the Germans wouldn't even reach the Meuse until about the 17th!
Here is the reverse view with Houx and the fishing weir and lock (mid-photo) used by the German motorcyclists to cross over unopposed! The French were too busy occupying the high ground overlooking the area and not the riverbanks!
Sadly for the French players, history repeated itself, although the Germans did suffer more casualties. 
All in all  a great time shared by everyone. 
C'est la guerre!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Spanish Assault on Oran

Its been a very long time since my last posting, as I'm had serious problems with my computer. Unfortunately, that is where the majority of photos were stored. Now the problem has finally been settled, I'm posting one of my groups colonial conflicts involving the Portuguese and Spanish (allies in our campaign) and their combined attack on the Arabic city of Oran. The Pashaw there had resisted all attempts to defuse the violence taking place between the two sides and even the appearance of an official delegation from the Ottoman Empire has failed. The assault begins with a group of Arabs in the employ of the Spanish making an attempt on a gate just before dawn:
The pro-Spanish Arabs creeping up on the gate guards
Two guards at the gate are dispatched! Unfortunately a cry goes out
Support for the assault takes position on a nearby rooftop
But before the Pashaw's men can react and close the gate, the Spanish begin to pour in 
After driving off supporting troops, the Spanish have their entry into Oran!
Never imagined it would go so well for the Spanish. At a future date, the story of the combined Spanish/Portuguese fight for Oran will be presented

Chinese 3d Wood Puzzles

if you are looking for buildings for your Chinese centered games, have you found these. Amazon and Alibaba (especially, at very low prices if you look carefully), carry these. Some I payed as little as 6-7 dollars!
Don't even need glue in most cases!
Great for ships as well:
And if you decide to paint:
Historical Temples:
Which paint up very nicely:
Initially very tricky to assemble as there are virtually no instructions, only a one-page chart showing the numbered pieces. You put in together in numbered sequence. They fit well with 28mm best. I have completed over two dozen now and I've used them to make a Forbidden City setup I will be adding to this blog soon. Enjoy