Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A little conflict at Beni Walid

The Portuguese had been having troubles with various Arab towns staging attacks on their possessions and allies. The small desert village of Beni Walid finally saw they were being taken advantage by the ruler of Oran and his allies, and now have sworn allegiance to the Portuguese. The Sheikh of the nearby town of Remeda has sent a raid to persuade the people of Beni Walid of the errors of their ways! The men of Remeda (in white) are about to force Beni Walid to accept their argument!
Shots are fired, and the elderly headman of Beni Walid is gunned down.
But with the assistance of two Portuguese adventurers who have just arrived, the men of the village quickly gain the upper hand
It was a brief, costly engagement, with the eldest son of the slain headmen and a handful of his men surviving. But vengeance is soon to be unleashed upon Remeda. To be continued!

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