Thursday, September 15, 2016

Convention Games

For my friends who have supported me over the years at TactiCon and Genghiscon, I'm sorry that I couldn't attend in the last year. I'm happy to announce that I'm putting two games on at the new B-Con this Oct 22 and 23. It's being held at the Timbers Convention Center located at I70 and Peoria. Saturday I'm bringing my new Viking Village complete with massive Jarl's Hall 10-1. Sunday will see the Peking/Forbidden City, 1925, running 10-2. You can view photos of both on this blog site. Hope to see you all again next month!
Temple of Heaven on right with Forbidden City at top

Now located at the western gate into the Forbidden City
Back to the area south of the Meridian Gate (to right)
Meridian Gate from the east
Hall of Supreme Harmony on right-center (throne room)

Now up, is the Viking Jarl's village about to be attacked
some of the attackers arrive up the fjord by longship
Other marauding Norsemen arrived by mountain passes
Defenders now beginning to rally their forces.  Jarl's Hall to right
The Jarl moves to confront the sea raiders first
The Jarl's forces barely destroy the attackers on the waterfront, but now too weak to drive off the others
A special thanks to my Norsemen (and Shield Maiden) for a great game

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