Sunday, June 19, 2022

Cigar Box and Osprey's Gettysburg

 If you look back on this Blog to July and Aug of 2019, you will see a recreation of the first day's struggle at Gettysburg. It was played on amazingly beautiful battle mats. Cigar Box has a large selection of terrain that can be used for all kinds of battles. They connected with Osprey Publishing to create what has to be one of the most detailed battle mats of all time! Buildings, trees, roads, streams, fences are all found on these two mats that recreate all the terrain northwest, north and northeast of the town of Gettysburg. The mats can be used as is, or as I did, along with molded hills placed beneath, and buildings and trees placed on top. I simply loved the look of this combination. I decided to show just the mat itself (with the hills beneath) to show off the quality. These mats are some 4+ feet by 6+feet, so cover a lot of ground.

This first view is from the east, with Gettysburg itself seen to the left edge...

Turning now to the view from the west, now with Gettysburg ot the right...
They have additional ACW creations with this same attention to detail. They have also come out with a three piece collection for Gettysburg, but not so heavily detailed. Roads and streams are included with hills shaded. I ordered the "Tops" selection so I can turn my attention to the second day's battle of July 2, 1863. I will keep you posted.

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